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“In every second and every moment of everyday, opportunities to take new paths and discover the freedoms of creating something new are all around us. The real challenge lies in seizing those moments, whether exciting or frightening, and turn them into new beginnings. In the process of stretching ourselves and challenging our own status quo, we learn more about ourselves, how to manage our fears and how to leverage our talents and gifts to create the life we desire. The power to do this lies within you! My job as your coach is to help you discover the opportunities in your life transition, and help you move forward to achieve your deepest desire, success and happiness!”

What I find my clients want the most in their personal and professional lives is FREEDOM!

What if you could actually feel the feather-light touch every day of FREEDOM- living a life YOU intentionally created? Imagine a life that is free from the barriers that hold you back, less constrained by the emotions and habits that don’t serve you well; a life with more positivity and more possibilities!

There is a certain independence to enjoy when you intentionally create your life plan, bringing more of what you love into your daily life, and cherishing the nuggets of wisdom you learn along the way. One of my passions is to see more people in this world succeed in achieving their deepest desires. It’s what drives me to be a coach!

In order to be the best coach possible, I participated in rigorous coach training from a coaching school with a distinctive accreditation to become a Certified Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I also have many years of successful leadership under my belt, human resources background, and my own life experiences, ripe with both struggles and successes.

With this extensive training and background, I learned a lot about human behavior, witnessing first-hand how people thrive on inspiration, encouragement, support and celebrations of success. By coaching others and having a coach myself, I learned that with the right tools, techniques and powerful insight, we can all achieve what we might consider impossible by simply getting out of our own way! However, that is almost always easier said than done. I’m eager to become your coaching partner and set you on your journey to achieving your own Freedom Centric life!


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I’ve known Diane for many years in another life! When I decided to start my own home business Diane saw my post with that information and reached out to me as a professional coach. This has been a terrific experience as she has coaxed me into looking at skills, abilities and personal “gremlins” in a whole new light.

Diane is very subtle in her approach and very clear about her role of what she can and cannot do. She has a way of shining light on an issue by asking pointed, relevant questions to make you think about how you are thinking and how to change it or use it to your advantage.

Diane is always considerate, passionate and a great listener. Her expertise has guided me into thinking more clearly about myself and my business.

Kathleen Olivia Zahl

Collaborator for Virtual Assistance, thatzahl.com

Since our coaching began, Diane Verkest has been a true partner in my progress. The milestones I have set for myself and my business would not have been reached without her encouragement and support. She is extremely generous with her time and talent. I highly recommend Diane for personal and professional coaching.

Carol Johnstone, M.A.

Johnstone Consulting, LLC, Chicago, Il

I contacted Diane because I was feeling quite stuck with my business and life in general. Diane has helped me regain a sense of focus and direction. Since I’ve been meeting with her, I am accomplishing many positive things in my life and business. It’s quite exciting! One thing that resonated with me during our initial consultation was that she believes the answers lie within each one of us. Diane has been coaching me to find those answers and the strength within myself.

C. Wejrowski

Business owner, Phoenix, Az

Diane is a natural coach and an excellent listener. No matter what I bring her, she coaches me through it and I see immediate results in both my personal and professional life. Diane stays objective and holds me accountable to my previous goals from the past session. I trust her completely which is so critical in a coach/client relationship. I have worked with her for a number of years on a diverse set of topics and she has handled all of them with professional expertise and innate skill.

Nicole F.

Marketing Professional/Consultant, Denver, Co

Diane is absolutely wonderful to work with. My husband I have been getting small business coaching from her as we work on starting and building our website business. She not only has great tools to start working on SMART goals so that we can create very attainable goals, but when we’ve come to her with difficulties, she has all the tools to ask us the right questions to help US get to our own answers. She’s very empowering and has helped us immensely. She has also helped me in my personal life and making a plan to reach my own personal goals. I just can’t say enough good things about her!

Megan And Josh Collier

JNM Web Creations, Flagstaff, AZ